People are Raving About Superpower!

Ford Saeks is a marketing genius. His book SUPERPOWER! is a 21st century classic, helping you to move from the theoretical to executing the application that helps you increase your profitability..”

Jeffrey Duquesne
Lean Enterprise-Engagement Coach
Speaker, Author

Superpower! is a must-read for anyone who would like to get better results with far less effort.”

Daniel Burrus
Author of the New York Times
Best Seller, Flash Foresight

Unleash your potential and your organization’s potential by implementing the simple strategies in Superpower! that can be applied to all levels of your organization—from the top down and the bottom up!”

Les Brown
CEO, Les Brown Enterprises

Superpower is written in such a way that one feels that they are sitting right across the table with a genuine friend, as the author, generously imparts his proven methods and strategies of success, in a sincere, authentic, caring and engaging manner. The stories that Ford Saeks relates from his vast Entrepreneurial experiences are tremendously captivating, entertaining and packed with powerful lessons that enlighten and inspire! Throughout the book Ford provides empowering questionnaires that immediately jolt the mind into a state of creativity, providing inspiration, clarification and direction! SUPERPOWER is A `No-Holds Barred' Complete Guide to Success that delivers extraordinary value and, when applied will yield very high returns for it readers! Ford Saeks has hit the ball out of the park with this book! I Give it the highest praises and thus , cannot help but recommend it to all my friends and associates - a must read that will transform your way to becoming even more creative, productive and effective - thus empowering you to achieve your goals!”

Phil R. Taylor
Founder of Goal Achievers International

This book is just like Ford - it gets straight to the point and stays on point. And the point is to provide a variety of real-life ways to get MORE done - with LESS. Less effort, less frustration, less stress. Better yet, Ford includes a variety of success stories to illustrate his ideas and balances his content so it's both insightful AND inspiring. A wonderful addition to any office library and a recommended read for everyone who would like to improve their productivity and job performance.”

Sam Horn
Intrigue Expert

Ford Saeks is a master. Period. This straight-talk, no-nonsense
guide will shift your thought process and laser focus your results.

The guy’s a genius.”

Shawne Duperon
CEO, ShawneTV

Time and time again, I find myself turning to Ford Saeks for advice and counsel. I have come to rely upon his straightforward communication style, common sense, and critical thinking to drive me toward better results for marketing our business.

Carrie Burrell
VP, Marketing Manager,
Mission Valley Bank

If you want to improve the quality of your life and the lives of those you care about, then read and implement the strategies that Ford reveals in Superpower!

Michael Krisa

Superpower! is filled with straight talk and endless ideas to help
improve your results in both business and everyday life.”

Jeffrey Gitomer
CEO, Buy Gitomer, Inc.

This book is what everyone needs today if they are going to succeed. The new economic realities dictate that we must change the mindsets from which we operate. If you want to be at the top of your game and enjoy life the way you want it to be, you need to read Superpower! You can bet your competition is reading it, too.”

Ron Karr
Author of Lead, Sell
or Get Out of the Way

Ford Saeks has achieved great success by working smart and working hard, and he shows you how to get things done faster and easier.”

Brian Foster
CEO, United Sports Solutions, Inc.

If you are looking for a road map to take your potential for success and turn it into a reality, then Ford’s book is a must read!”

Steven A. Sims
CEO, Vertex Home Improvement

Ford has overcome tough odds to achieve great success by working smart and working hard. This book shows you how he did it and how you can do it, too. He’ll help you achieve superpower, not through magic or gimmicks, but by using his proven strategies and tactics. Read it if you want super results.

Mark Sanborn
Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Everybody has the ability to be extraordinary... everybody. Ford Saeks has discovered how to unleash the overlooked power available to you. He’s done it in his own amazing life and can show you how to do the same. Activate your Superpower before another minute of extraordinary living passes you by.”

Jim Cathcart
Author of The Acorn Principle

Ford Saeks has the experience, insights, and unique perspective to show you how to become a Superpower. This book is a must read today, as tomorrow your competitors will have it!

Sam Silverstein
Founder, The Accountability Academy

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